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D minor Scale Handpans

Pleasantly melancholic



D minor is the most popular handpan scale for its mesmerizing sound that captivates the player and the listener. This handpan is loved by many people for its noble character and for its tonality that embodies a truly unique interior research. It conveys feelings of sweet melancholy and tranquility, arousing pure and positive emotions at the same time. 

D minor 9 notes

D minor 11 note



D minor 13 notes



D minor 9 notes: 432Hz vs 440Hz frequency

Meditation & Relaxation Scales

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of handcrafted handpans, meticulously designed to elevate your personal moments of tranquility and enhance your holistic practices. Our carefully curated scales resonate with soothing melodies, perfect for sound therapy and meditation. Whether you seek a musical companion for self-reflection or wish to share the gift of calming vibrations with others, our handpans are harmonized to create an oasis of peace and mindfulness.

Relax Handpan 9 notes C# minor 



Dreamy,   Quiet,    Ideal for sound therapy


Meditation Handpan 14 notes



Relaxing, Transcendent , Expressive


Deep, Low  & Penetrating Scales


Dive into the profound resonance of our deep, low, and penetrating handpan scales. Crafted with precision, these handpans create a warm and mysterious atmosphere, their vibrations felt in the stomach. Ideal for moments of introspection, let the captivating tones transport you to a realm of contemplative wonder. Perfect for those seeking a unique and profound musical journey, our handpans in this collection are designed to evoke a sense of depth and mystery, making them ideal companions for those special moments of introspection and soulful connection.

B minor  13 Notes

Warm,   Overwhelming,   Expressive 


Mystic Handpan 14 notes



Hypnotizing,  Deep ,  Enigmatic


Scales of Distant worlds


Embark on a musical odyssey with this scales collection, where cultural richness meets harmonious resonance. Immerse yourself in the diverse sounds of handpans inspired by oriental world. Each scale in this collection is a passport to a unique sonic journey, weaving a tapestry of global melodies that resonate with cultural authenticity.

Explore the vibrant tones and intricate patterns that echo the spirit of diverse traditions, creating a harmonious blend of musical expressions with a distinctly Oriental sound.


Handpan  Pygmy 16 note



Able to awaken the senses, Strong and versatile


Pygmy Evolution Handpan 21 note



Innovative,  Hypnotic,  Multisensory


Handpan Saladin Noor 14 notes



Spicy, Intriguing, With a Middle Eastern flavor


Handpan Scala Saladin

Eccentric, Rhythmic, Passionate


Handpan Scale Hijaz 9 notes

With an ethnic touch, Lively, Exotically expressive


Handpan  Cinese Scale 9 notes 

Joyful,   Charismatic,   Sincere and Balanced


Positive atmosphere Scales


 Handpan BASS  OXALIS 11 notes  


Encouraging,   Confident,   Full of life

Handpan Scala Oxalis 9 notes

Sensitive,   Sweet,   Positive


Handpan Do# minore N°1,  9 note

Sensitive,    Curious,   Balanced


Handpan Scala Chandra 9 notes

Heartwarming,    Expressive,   Spiritual


Handpan Do# minore N°2 9 notes

Relaxing,    Sentimental,   Melodic

Schermata 2022-09-15 alle 07.58.54 copy.jpg

 Scales for Maximum Expression


Handpan Cromatico 14 note


Versatile,   Enchanting,   Innovative


Mutant Handpan 15 note


Evocative,   Light,   Resonant


Handpan Do # minore - 14 note

Intense,    Intimate,   Elegant

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