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lista collezioni handpan


nero 5_edited_edited.jpg


Collection of 9 note handpans with the most popular scales, perfect for those who are starting to approach the world of the handpan. With the Classic Collection you have the opportunity to have a legendary handpan for a special price.

Buy it now or join the waiting list.

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The Stainless Collection is created for those looking for the best. Made with a particular stainless steel of the highest quality and combined with the most refined processing technique, its long and crystalline sound will amaze those who play it and those who listen to it. These handpans take to professional stages all over the world. It is an exclusive sonic masterpiece that deserves the name Pro.

mani 2.jpg

This series is created for those who want to express their creativity to the fullest. The Lombardo Handpan Special Edition have not only the notes on the upper dome, but also on the lower one. They thus offer a richer sonic range that allows you to further explore the infinite possibilities of the handpan.

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