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Welcome to Handpan Masterclass in Boston

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Whatsapp/Cellulare: +393924692105

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M°Loris Lombardo

Loris Lombardo is a professional multi percussionist, graduated in classical percussion at the conservatory and winner of two international percussion competitions, specializing in handpans and author of the first and only manual in the world on the handpan technique: "Complete Handpan Manual" (published by Volontè & Co. ). His book has become a best seller in Italy and given the great international demand, it has been translated into English and distributed all over the world. He founded the first school in Italy dedicated to the study of the handpan (Handpan & Percussion Academy), holds workshops on handpans throughout Europe and has an intense concert activity.
Loris Lombardo played handpans to accompany the Italian singer Emma Marrone on stage at the Sanremo Music Festival. It was the first time the instrument featured in the festival which is televised annually on Italy's main national TV channel, Rai 1.

Lombardo Handpan” was born from his idea of creating an excellent quality instrument suitable for all levels, which can excite both those who listen to it and those who play it. With the “Lombardo Handpan” brand you have the guarantee of an instrument constructed and tested by a real professional of the handpan sector, at a special price.

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