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Author: Loris Lombardo

Year: 2017

Publishing house: VOLONTÈ&CO

Genre: Teaching


The Handpan Complete Manual + DVD by Maestro Loris Lombardo is the first ever handpan/hang book.



"This handbook is the result of my life-long studies in the art of percussions: a true, deeply felt passion for percussions from all over the world has always been my sole guide and master. All the techniques I have learnt and perfected for the handpan are included in this course which offers a gradual didactic approach from a threshold, zero level, ideal also those who do not read music. My step by step method includes a DVD to show every exercise on video , and each exercise will be executed really slowly first and then faster".


Loris Lombardo

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Lombardo HANDPAN on Rai 1!
C# minor
D minor (432 Hertz)
China scale

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