"My aim is to get everyone excited about playing and to evoke emotions in others through their music. For this reason I created Lombardo HANDPAN."

Loris Lombardo

Welcome to our brand...

Discover our handmade 

handpans and choose an instrument with quality and style.

Lombardo handpan was born of an idea by Mr Loris Lombardo to create an instrument for those who are approaching the handpan for the first time and also those who are already familiar with it and want one of high quality. With “Lombardo Handpan” you have the guarantee of an instrument made and tested by a pro in the handpan sector at a fixed price.

Each instrument is entirely handmade and for this reason is an original, exclusive and unique creation.


Workmanship using excellent materials resulting in a professional instrument.


All Lombardo handpans are handmade, making each instrument an original and one-of-a-kind.


Each instrument has a unique serial number which guarantees its authenticity.

The founder...

Loris Lombardo is a professional multi-percussionist, graduated from a classical percussion conservatory and winner of two international percussion competitions. He specialises in playing handpan and is the author of the world’s first manual on handpan technique: “The Complete Handpan Manual” (published by Volonté & Co.). His book has become a bestseller in Italy and due to popular international interest, has been translated into English and distributed around the world. 

Loris founded the first school in Italy dedicated to the handpan (Handpan & Percussion Academy), runs handpan workshops all over Europe and also performs in many concerts.

For more informations, visit:  www.lorislombardo.it.

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Welcome to our brand...

Claudio Canzano

drummer and percussionist

Experiment to better express your music... Every day we use musical instruments to interpret our emotions, thoughts and creativity. I managed to bring out and transmit what I had inside, improving my ideas and my sound. I chose these excellent instruments for my project in Lak’ech...I chose Lombardo Handpan!

Daniele Dubbini

experimental musician

Many thanks to Lombardo Handpan for the most accurate tuning and for the rich and well-defined harmonics of the instrument.  It was exactly what I was looking for to complete my sound. The duration of it staying in tune is also excellent, and this is no small thing when it comes to a handpan. Bravo!

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